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Henry Chetcuti

I did not pick up a cue till I was in my forties, and then, I only played snooker. At the insistence of my dad, I started playing billiards and immediately fell in love with the game. I started collecting videos and DVD's to learn more about the game. I also had a couple of lessons with Robbie Foldvari. After a few years I started refereeing billiards ... More

Lee Pepper


Paul Baxter


Garri Kozhanovskiy

Hobbies & Interests: Basketball, Football, Russian Billiards, Boxing, Travelling, Philosophy. Place of Birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan Why did I get involved in Coaching?: I want to help with the growth and popularisation of Snooker Worldwide! More

Tony Morgan


Nicholas Dart

(S.A.C. Dip Sports Psychology) I have 40 years experience in playing snooker. Also, I have a mentoring coaches licence and a Level 3 Sports Psychology qualification. More

Trevor Thorn


John Inverarity


Franz Meszaros

It was always a pleasure for me to pass any information to anyone who searched for the same. The reason, why i wanted to become a billiards coach, was to pass on the fire, which is veiled within the billiards heritage, but can hardly be spotted by a newbie. More

Wayne Timperley

I've played Snooker from the age of 9, I played in the EASB as a junior, I've played in the local leagues for many years and have a highest break of 117. My son joined the North West Snooker Academy and this is where I found the inspiration to become a coach. I get great satisfaction and feel I've giving something back to snooker. I coach children ... More