Why become a WPBSA World Snooker Coach?

If you are reading this page then hopefully you are interested in becoming a qualified WPBSA World Snooker coach and have just taken the first step to achieving that!

But why should you become a snooker coach?

Whether it is helping young players dreaming of becoming the next Ronnie O’Sullivan, or those who want to play recreationally and simply want to improve their game, there is a key role to be played by accredited snooker coaches across the world.

What you will learn

By completing our level one and two courses, you can join our team and gain the following skills:

  • Learn how to run your own Cue Zone, organise a snooker event and develop junior clubs in your area
  • Learn how to deliver the basics of the game from our of our leading accredited coaches
  • Receive comprehensive Child Protection and Safeguarding training, together with an enhanced DBS check
  • Understand how you can promote/market yourself as a coach
  • Understand where you can get help regarding the rules of the game

So if you want to be part of our team, please click here for details on upcoming course dates and to download our application form.


Introduction by Steve Davis OBE

In the last few years, professional snooker has undergone a massive transformation. Partly as a result of this, worldwide interest in the game has never been higher and new markets are now emerging for the game to grow bigger than even the most optimistic observers would have thought possible at the turn of the decade.

In response to this, we need to ensure our game is supported properly by a comprehensive coaching set up. Gone are the days of a coach sitting at the snooker club bar waiting for pupils to approach him. The skill set needed for a modern day coach ranges from technical expertise to organisational competence to super salesman or woman! All those attributes would be required in order to be considered an ‘ultimate coach’.

Not every coach can, or will, be adept in all areas but, importantly, every coach will have an essential role to play in snooker’s future. The three tier coaching branding identifies an individual coach’s attributes and is an important step in supplying the needs of a growing snooker public.

Myself, Terry Griffiths and Chris Lovell are committed to ensuring that should you wish to become part of the team, you will receive the highest possible training and support we can offer.