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Franz Meszaros

It was always a pleasure for me to pass any information to anyone who searched for the same. The reason, why i wanted to become a billiards coach, was to pass on the fire, which is veiled within the billiards heritage, but can hardly be spotted by a newbie. More

Wayne Timperley

I've played Snooker from the age of 9, I played in the EASB as a junior, I've played in the local leagues for many years and have a highest break of 117. My son joined the North West Snooker Academy and this is where I found the inspiration to become a coach. I get great satisfaction and feel I've giving something back to snooker. I coach children ... More

Alan Shepherd

Having a great passion and a love for the game of Billiards, along with the gentleman’s ethos that comes with the Billiard fraternity and practising the game, I wanted to try and give back and enthuse others to take up and grow the game for the next generation. An area of my working life has been training apprentices, although soon to be retired, I ... More

Matt Lee

Hobbies include reading & cycling. Started coaching to revive the dwindling numbers of younger players locally. More