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Lim Chun Kiat (Marvin)

In 1989, snooker has taken over Chinese chess as my hobby. Driven by passion of this sport, I took 5 years of self learning before I won my first National U21 tournament and represented Singapore for the first time too, flew to Finland and Pakistan in 1994. Learning continues as I climb the local snooker ranking. In 2002, I obtained a snooker coaching ... More

Jim Burke

Jim lives in the West End of Glasgow and has his own Billiards room, ideal for coaching. Jim created and maintains both World Billiards websites. More

Victor Yeong Chee Wai


Terry McAdam


Charles Lowe


Gary Oliver

Gary qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach and Examiner in September 2017. He took up billiards at the age of 18 but had periods away from the sport of 6 & 7 years and has only played seriously since 1998. Gary has won multiple New Zealand Billiard Championships, well over 70 ranking titles within NZ and has over 500 century+ breaks in competition... More

Henry Chetcuti

I did not pick up a cue till I was in my forties, and then, I only played snooker. At the insistence of my dad, I started playing billiards and immediately fell in love with the game. I started collecting videos and DVD's to learn more about the game. I also had a couple of lessons with Robbie Foldvari. After a few years I started refereeing billiards ... More

Lee Pepper


Paul Baxter


Garri Kozhanovskiy

Hobbies & Interests: Basketball, Football, Russian Billiards, Boxing, Travelling, Philosophy. Place of Birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan Why did I get involved in Coaching?: I want to help with the growth and popularisation of Snooker Worldwide! More