Players Commission

In 2017 the WPBSA created the Players Commission, to replace the previous Players Forum as a way of representing the views of the WPBSA members at board level and to ensure that members have a formal vehicle through which they can provide feedback.

The forum is chaired by 2005 world champion Shaun Murphy, who is supported by Ken Doherty, Mark Davis, Mark Allen, Joe Perry, Rory McLeod, Peter Lines and Mike Dunn.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “As the governing body for snooker and billiards worldwide it is crucial at the WPBSA that we have a real understanding of the views and opinions of our membership. It is therefore important that there exists an appropriate and credible platform from which these opinions can be communicated and I believe that the new Players Commission provides this.”

Players Commission Chairman Shaun Murphy added: “I am thrilled to be able to take up this new role and look forward to working with my fellow players to ensure that the interests of those across the ranking list are represented equally.

“I would encourage all players to be proactive and to come to us with any concerns, ideas or suggestions so that we can help. The Players Commission seeks to be a much faster, proactive version of the Forum it replaces and together with all members of the Commission, are available to you at any time.”